Our Mission and Vision

The mission of the PNW High Performance Dressage Foundation is to elevate the quality of dressage in the Pacific Northwest


Our vision is a region where dressage thrives and riders, coaches, and judges make it a preferred destination for high quality riders, happy horses, and welcoming venues.


We achieve this mission and vision by:

  1. creating opportunities for amateurs to benefit from our investment in the dressage community,

  2. investing in the development and visibility of our professional, amateur, and JR FEI talent, and, 

  3. invigorating collaboration within our PNW dressage community 

In order for our FEI competitors to get the development and visibility they need to compete at the highest levels of this sport, they need to train with, and compete against, the best riders in the world.  This takes, not only the right horse and personal talent, it takes time and money.  We will provide grants to those PNW competitors who are capable and seeking to represent the USA in international competition.

Creating opportunities for amateurs to benefit from the investment in our FEI community

Adult amateurs are the bedrock of dressage in the USA.  Our amateurs' skills are directly tied to access to quality instruction, riding venues, and horses.  We will create opportunities for amateurs to connect to a broad and more diverse group of FEI riders through investing in local FEI competitions and hosting powerful learning experiences leveraging local and world class talent.

A bit about the board of directors

We are a group of business savvy, passionate adult amateurs, with diverse business backgrounds, who share a vision of making the PNW a destination for high quality riders, judges, and international competitions.  We came together because we share the belief that, with enough focus, passion, planning, strategy, skill, and collaboration, the PNW can be a destination for top dressage in the US.

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