PNW High Performance Dressage Foundation FEI class prize money 

Thank you to everyone that applied for the 2019 show grant money. The PNW High Performance Foundation board members would like to give a huge Congratulations to our two recipients of the 2019 show grants, DevonWood and Spokane Sport Horse Farm!

We achieve this mission and vision by:

The mission of the PNW High Performance Dressage Foundation is to elevate the quality of dressage in the Pacific Northwest.

Our vision is a region where dressage thrives, and riders, coaches, and judges make it a preferred destination for high quality riders, happy horses, and welcoming venues.


We achieve this mission and vision by:

1. creating opportunities for amateurs to benefit from our investment in the dressage community

2. investing in the development and visibility of our professional, amateur, and Jr FEI talent

3. invigorating collaboration within our PNW dressage community

4. developing a generous and consistent donor and sponsor base

Required use of grant


  • The Foundation will offer $2500k grants to 2 separate qualified venues. 


  • The qualified venues will use the grants to award prize money the following:


  • Prize money will go to the rider with the highest average score from two designated competitions at the venue in FEI classes and divisions 

    • Specify how you would break the $2500 between classes and rider types (Open ,AA, JR) 


  • Riders must ride in 2 designated competitions at the venue.  Designated competition dates need to be listed in the grant request from the venue


  • Each rider wanting to be eligible for the prize money must give a $5 donation with their entry via a check box on entry form (similar to how we ask for $10 extra for Qualifying classes).  These donations will go to the PNW High Performance Dressage Foundation.


  • Venue must provide publicity for the classes and the Foundation on their website, prize lists, programs, and through announcements at the show



Event Names and Dates:                                                                                                 


Organizer’s Name:                                                                                                             

Contact info: Cell                                     Email                                                      


Please describe in an email or separate word documents how you will address the uses above and:


How your show venue demonstrates the highest standards of dressage show management.


How you ensure the competitors and horses best interests are accommodated at your shows.


How you are attracting spectators and sponsors.


How you will promote the Foundation.


By signing this application, the applicant certifies that he/she is an organizer of a bona fide USEF and USDF sanctioned event. The organizer further certifies that any funds that are received from the PNW High Performance Dressage Foundation will be used exclusively as prize money for FEI competition at the above listed show.


Signature                                         Date


Downloadable Application 

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