Are you passionate about....

Creating innovative experiences for the dressage community to learn and collaborate?

Bringing visibility and opportunities to our talented PNW riders and horses?

Making the PNW a region where dressage thrives and riders, coaches, and judges make it a preferred destination for high quality riders, happy horses, and welcoming venues?

We believe that organizations grow and thrive through bringing in new people with new ideas and new energy.  The PNW High Performance Dressage Foundation is always looking for new people to join our committees and help drive our vision forward. We invite YOU to bring your passion, skills, ideas, time and energy to help grow the Foundation! 

If you are interested in volunteering, send us an email at

Mindset, Responsibilities, and Skills of Board Members


The responsibilities of board members are guided by the Foundation’s Bylaws. The BOD is expected to carry out a planning/oversight function and to execute the fundraising efforts necessary to achieve the Foundations annual goals. It is a working board, requiring regular attendance at board meetings, ownership of duties, direct participation in all the Foundations fundraising and event activities.

The Foundation Board will be made up of individuals with the following characteristics:


  • Ability to see the big picture and carry a vision forward for the future of the Foundation.

  • Strong team member with an all-for-one, one-for-all orientation

  • Ability to think ambitiously and be an ambassador for the Foundation.

  • Positive, constructive and focused on getting things done.


The BOD will consist of people who have the ability and experience to contribute to the following:

  • Fund raising

  • Finance

  • Public relations/communications

  • Event planning

  • Project Management

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