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PNW High Performance Dressage Foundation


Masterclass Format

Master class - A master class is a class given to students of a particular discipline by an expert of that discipline—usually music, but also painting, drama, any of the arts, or on any other occasion where skills are being developed.

Our Master Class, a non-profit event organized to benefit PNW riders, will feature 8-10 PNW Dressage trainers riding or teaching (depending on the annual theme), representing different training levels, breeds, and temperaments. in 2019 our goal is to potentially expand to multiple venues from across the PNW as host locations simultaneously. All proceeds to benefit the PNW High Performance Foundation.

The format is similar to many of the online training formats where trainers wear a headset while they ride or teach in order to educate the auditors. For example, the trainers would explain where they are in the training of their horse/rider, their goals for the horse/rider, what they are feeling as they ride/teach, how they address various issues, and qualities and challenges specific to their horse or rider, among other relevant information.


The goal is to help the auditors develop an eye and understanding for what is correct and provide auditors with tools to get there with their own horses. Auditors will have time after each ride to ask the trainer questions.

The goals of these events are:

●  Showcase PNW Dressage trainer talent

●  Increase awareness, connection, and community between amateur and professional community

●  Provide PNW dressage education at a reasonable cost to auditors

●  Inspire community to elevate quality of dressage in the PNW

●  Support PNW High Performance Foundation

How to host a Masterclass:

The PNW High Performance Foundation team will include the hosts in selecting a theme and format for the annual program. The “save the date announcement” will be made public in June with the details of each location included. The theme or program will be crafted with input from hosts and made public in early June.

2019 will be looking for one or more on the same weekend) mid-May. The application for host venues is below.  We will announce a date for auditor ticket sales when we publish the “save-the-date” announcement.

Host Venue Selection Process:

The PNW High Performance Foundation team will be accepting applications from interested
PNW Dressage hosts until June 7th, with a goal of selecting locations in June. We will give priority to those hosts who:

●  will attract auditors

●  have fun ideas about format and good instructors

●  have a great facility for parking cars for 100 guests and trailers for 8 – 10- horses

●  good footing in both warm up and event rings

●  can provide day stalls at low or no cost

●  have sufficient toilet facilities

●  have access to a good PA system and C Coach or equivalent

●  represent the major segments of the PNW– WA, OR, ID, AK, MT

What’s in it for you, the host?

●  A receipt for the value of your in-kind contribution

●  Positive exposure to a broad group of PNW dressage patrons

●  Article in Flying Changes and, possibly, USDF Connection

●  Up to $1,500 in reimbursement for day of event expenses

●  Wine and cheese party after the event

●  (Option: host an auction after the event)

Once the venues and program are chosen, the rider/instructor selection process begins.

Rider/Instructor Selection Process:

The PNW High Performance Foundation team will be accepting applications from interested PNW Dressage trainers from July 1 - 30.


We will give priority to those trainers who:

●  will attract several auditors - either students or others

●  have a variety of training tools working with different types of horses

●  have a horse/student that auditors want to see

●  have a unique niche that others don’t have in the PNW (e.g., represented US in international

    competition, specializes in Iberian breeds, trains from the ground up, etc.)

●  represent the major segments of the PNW– WA, OR, ID, AK, MT

What’s in it for you, the trainer/rider?

●  Exposure to a broad group of auditors showcasing your skill and your horse

●  Video tape of all of the rides

●  Article in Flying Changes and, possibly, USDF Connection

●  Wine and cheese party after the event

●  (Option: host an auction after the event)

Please send your answer to the following questions:

●  Why do you want to ride in the Master Class?

●  What is your highest level of achievement in dressage competition?

●  How would you attract auditors for this experience?

●  What level horse/rider would you bring to the event? Tell us a bit about him/her.

●  Describe in a few sentences your basic approach to bringing your horses/students along to FEI


Preparing for the event - Foundation:

●  Select venues from pool of applicants

●  Select riders/ trainers from pool of applicants

●  Create ride times and timelines for lead up and day of event

●  Create bios

●  Advertise, create hype (R6, Facebook, website, email)

●  Sell tickets starting September 1st

●  Gather releases for riders, stabling and auditors

●  Create “day of” script and checklists

●  Provide on-site host / narrator for event if required

●  Reimburse venue up to $1500 for rentals, food, PA, flowers, etc.

Preparing for the event - Host:

●  Guest parking (100 guest with carpool options)

●  Trailer parking

●  Day stalls

●  Warm-up

●  Show ring (prefer covered/enclosed)

●  Toilets (3 minimum if porta-potties)

●  Lobby and lunch areas for registration/ lunch / happy hour

●  Provide volunteers for parking, greeters, registration, set up, etc

●  Order and provide breakfast snacks/coffee, lunch and happy hour

●  Chair rental, set-up and tear down

●  Provide flowers/centerpieces

●  Provide PA System and C Coach (or equivalent)

●  Help ID photographer for each location (optional)

●  Manage event insurance

●  Help identify local sponsors to help raise money and offset costs

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